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We pride ourselves on the personal service we give our clients – we like to meet you face-to-face, and establish a proper relationship with you. We believe this gives you confidence in knowing who is handling your matter, and enables a proper flow of dialogue between us, to ensure you are always kept up to date with progress.

Our charging rate is £250 + VAT per hour. This applies to all litigation, employment tribunal work for both individuals and small businesses and debt recovery and any other legal work.


What is Probate? This is the term we use to describe work done in connection with the administration of a deceased person’s estate, both where there is a Will and where there is none, and equally where Inheritance Tax is payable or none is due.

The work includes the collection and distribution of money, property and other assets of the deceased in the UK, but not where matters are contested.

We charge simply on an hourly basis. All disbursements (e.g. payment of Inheritance Tax, Probate Registry fees, etc) are in payable in addition to our fees. We do not charge an additional % fee based on the value of the estate. Every estate is different, and it is impossible to estimate how long an estate will take to deal with until we become aware of the assets/liabilities, existence and contents of Will, whereabouts of executors/beneficiaries. The simplest of estates can be dealt with in 2-4 months, and complex estates can take 2-3 years. Our fees include the work required for the submission of forms to HMRC and applications for Grants from the Probate Registry, but not the fees payable to e.g. the Probate Registry or other external organisations.

Residential Conveyancing

We are an accredited firm on the Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme.

Freehold: Prices from £1500 + VAT + disbursements (see below).

Leasehold: Prices from £2000 + VAT + disbursements.

We are of the opinion that there is no such thing as a ‘standard’ transaction. Therefore we invite you to contact us for a more detailed quote, to include anticipated disbursements, as there are many variables we also need to take into account.

We also reserve the right to increase our fees should any matter become unduly complex, and you will be kept fully informed. It must be appreciated that until a matter is under way, it is impossible to predict what may arise.

A disbursement is money we are required to pay out on your behalf to a third party. These may include:

We will usually ask you for money on account at the start of a transaction where disbursements are expected.

If you require a mortgage, you will need to check with us as to whether we are authorised to act for your lender – we may be, but as a very small firm, we are not on every lender’s panel. If we are able to act, there will be an additional fee, payable by you, of £250 + VAT where there is a mortgage involved.

Any charge for work done submitting Land Registry applications or Stamp Duty returns will be minimal - we regard those services as integral to the process.

Again, it is hard to estimate the length of time a conveyancing matter may take, but on average, if there are no unexpected issues, and any other parties involved are all ready on a similar timescale , one might anticipate 6 - 8 weeks.

Other services offered within the firm include: Company/Commercial work including commercial property transactions, the drafting of Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney, litigation and taxation matters.

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