Peter Martin
Peter Martin

Peter is a Chartered Accountant having qualified in New Zealand with KPMG. In 1981 he transferred to KPMG London, and then to Cambridge as Senior Manager. In 1995 he formed PMI Consulting, specialising in corporate finance, where his emphasis lay in not only advising businesses on their strategic options, but also the hard part working with the businesses to implement the changes and, most importantly, ensuring they worked.

In helping businesses that want to grow, Peter plays a close role in deal making including the purchase and sale of businesses, arranging their funding, forensic accounting and due diligence. In the case of commercial (and matrimonial) disputes where resolution cannot be found, Peter is an experienced expert witness and advocate.

Peter is active in supporting business organisations aimed specifically at helping small to medium sized businesses with commercial issues, and procurement to give them the buying power of large firms.

Peter brings his extensive financial experience and related commercial skills to complement and enhance the corporate services provided by Fowler de Pledge.

If you would like to speak direct to Peter please do call our office (01223) 311291 or send an email to

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